Blog 17…

So I’m sat here on the train back home after my first WTS race this weekend down in London and what an incredible experience it was!

After Madrid, it was all about rest and recovery to get ready for London – after the race I felt progressively worse as the week went on and by Wednesday I was sure a bus had hit me in my sleep! The week of London came round so fast; it didn’t seem long ago I was waiting to find out if I’d get a start. The week leading in consisted of my fist couple of uni exams and unfortunately also saw my favourite running partner (Molly the Collie) having major spinal surgery – although she won’t be joining me on future adventures she’s on the road to recovery.

The trip to London was extremely stress free with only a rucksack, no bike (thanks to BTF for taking that down for me!) and an 80min train journey – I’m under no illusion all WTS events will be that easy! Although I was excited to race, I wasn’t looking forward to the late afternoon start on Sunday – a 1km swim in the morning didn’t really kill much time either but Jodie Stimpson had breakfast with me and my mum popped over which took my mind off the race.10672091_10154261495954572_7671180950658339397_n

Once down at the race things went smoothly and before I knew it we were being lined up – having virtually no points meant I was number 65 and was going onto the pontoon second to last. I was having nightmare images of running onto the pontoon, not finding a spot and missing the start! Fortunately I found a place and then it was go time! I had one aim for the swim… get round that first buoy as high as possible to avoid the fight and hang on for as long as possible! I was round 4th and held this until the end – a good transition saw me out with the leaders and we quickly formed a small group of 7. It took me a while to find my legs but I CGa01llXEAEiCzodid and got stuck in with making the break work. We held 30 seconds to large group but lost a little on the last lap. I knew the run was going to be tough, it’s my weakest and my legs were suffering from the bike! A well-executed T2 meant I was leading for 100m (shame the race didn’t end there!) the next 4.9km just saw me loose places – I finished 27th which I was pleased with. It was an amazing experience mixing it up with the top girls on the swim/bike and I’ll take a lot from the race into the rest of my season.

Thanks to all the support over the weekend, the crowd on the course was overwhelming and all the messages over social media have been so lovely to read!

Next up for me is Blenheim, which along with Liverpool are my favourite domestic races and then over to France to race for my French team Metz.11295706_10206717572769011_2121133434580686090_n


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