Blog 18…

It seems a while since I last wrote a blog so I thought I’d write a little update on what I’ve been up to recently. After London it 1779315_10153114568994160_7629091250064758607_nwas back to some training before Blenheim, one of my favourite domestic races, the day before was spent wondering round with my Mum and eating cream teas!  The race itself ended up being a breakaway with India Lee – it was good to get away with India and in the end finished 2nd overall.  It was also a great race because my lovely housemates came down to watch; however after a podium ‘beer shower’ I had to decline the trip to Bicester outlet (which was a tough decision as I LOVE shopping!).

Next up was Dunkerque FGP – it was a great weekend for my team ‘Metz’ as it was the first time they had ever got on the podium; individually I was 12th which I was pleased with too.  A couple of weeks later was the Jenson Button Triathlon – it was a fun race (despite the dreadful weather in the morning) and with it being in Derby was nice and local too!11699047_10207388294852612_1391682504685096770_o

I was then fortunate enough to get a start for Hamburg and was looking forward to another experience of WTS racing. The race was hard with the swim and bike being full on from the start, I was pleased with another front pack swim however found it tough to hold my position on the bike. I had some issues on the run with an inflamed foot joint and some ‘rib’ problems but was still a massive learning curve.

Some may know that I have been having those issues with my ribs/diaphragm especially when racing for quite a while now and it basically restricts my movement and breathing. Over the past few months a few different things had been tried but nothing really worked however, I was fortunate enough to see Ashleigh Wallace a physio specialising in the ‘thoracic ring approach’. After a very interesting appointment she seemed to find the answer – there was no ‘gap’ between my upper ribs on one side causing a restriction of movement and resulted in my diaphragm/intercostals trying to compensate but just causing pain. It was great to finally have some answers and hopefully will allow me to improve my race performances.triliverpool2015a

Last weekend was our national champs in Liverpool, I enjoyed the race last year and was excited to be back again but I wasn’t sure how the race would go being as this was my 3rd race in 3 weeks. I was hoping for a similar scenario to last year, a breakaway out the swim and then extend the lead on the bike (as the course was wet it would also keep the bike a bit safer). It was a bit like deja vu as Jess and I got away on the swim and did manage to increase our lead on the bike. Emma is a solid runner so knew I would need a good lead – fortunately we got one and I held on to take the national title.

After the race David and I went down to Wales for a few chiller days filled with beaches, castles, seals, surfing and, of course, fish and chips!  Now back in Loughborough it’s time for a few days training before heading out to Tizzy world cup next week. 11760251_10153217289919160_9033151627038951784_n


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