Blog 19…

Its safe to say the end of my season didn’t go as planned…

10 weeks ago I started to get some soreness in my hip, thought nothing of it and headed out to Hungary for a world cup. The day before the race I couldn’t even run 15 minutes, so that meant a DNS next to my name. Once I was home it was thought I had a stress fracture, I was put on crutches and sent off for a MRI, however that came back clear which meant it was back to the original diagnosis of some tightness.

After a week of physio I was meant to be good to go, but 15 minutes on the cross trainer and I was back to square one. So it was off for a MRA (MRI but with a dye injection) to see what was happening with my cartilage. It was torn, caused by extra bone growth on my femoral head, but it was still unknown if this was causing my ‘pain’ so I had a few more weeks of testing, injections and scans. Unfortunately my hip still wasn’t any better, which frustratingly meant it was the end to my season and would therefore miss out on worlds.12043043_1182623711764456_4695242022768717817_n

Once we knew there was nothing else that could be done to prevent surgery I met with Professor Glyn-Jones a orthopaedic specialist down in Oxford, he confirmed surgery was the next step. So in just over week I will be having cartilage stitched and bone shaved off (for anyone who is having surgery I would recommend not watching a video before hand…!).

I have made the most of my time away from triathlon, seeing family and trips away with friends but I am more than ready to get back to training properly and getting ready for what next year brings.

Although my season was cut short I would like to thank everyone for their support this year. Especially my sponsors Asics, Huub, Amanzi, Yellow Jersey and Raleigh who have been helping me out over the season.

Hope everyone makes the most of their break and enjoy the down time!12140005_10153359858129160_8881485880593057888_o


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