Blog 20…

Since my operation I was really happy with the progress I was making.  I was up to aScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 19.01.41
full swim programme pretty quickly – knocking out a very very small 1500m PB.  Running is progressing too, slower than I would like but I feel like I’ve hit some milestones which are always good to remind myself that things are definitely moving forward.  I had my first run outside on Christmas day (good job too because I absolutely demolished all my grandma’s homemade mince pies!) and also first time hitting double figures (in kilometres not miles – I definitely haven’t got there quite yet) and also running for an hour (nearly killed me thought!).  The icing on the cake was running in the Lake District with Georgia TB – something we haven’t been able to do in a long time; it was also probably one of the funniest 20 minute runs ever courtesy of Jess Learmonth losing half her leg in very boggy marshland (think Vicar of Dibley and the puddle – you’ll get the idea!).

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 19.01.53


Biking hasn’t been so good, anything over about 90 minutes just really aggravates my hip and has a knock on effect to other sessions so we decided to tone down on the  riding a bit and I’ve just been doing a couple of hours with a session at altitude every week.  I am slightly nervous for racing this year, my worst fear is being in a bike pack and being the one who ‘can’t pull turns’ or whose turns are so bad I’d be better off being at the back’Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 19.01.16.


Not being able to fully ride led to the decision to go down the route of another steroid injection (number 4 in 6 months… sorry hip!). So yesterday was a trip back down to Oxford to see the surgeon and also have the injection, before going down I was under the impression that this would be it, one more injection, one more trip to see the surgeon and only one more trip to Bicester Village outlet – not sure my debit card could take a trip but thankfully the Kate Spade bag I was going to treat myself to wasn’t in black… shame!

After seeing the Doc he said that I could be needing a few more injections over the next 9 – 12 months due to the level of inflammation and synovitis present but he said I shouldn’t be concerned especially remembering the level of training us triathletes like doing!

On a slightly different note, a year ago today I took the very brave decision to get a tattoo… very painful (can’t say I’ll be going back for another one) – quite a few people ask me what my little arrow means; well, the reason I choose it was because of what it signifies – the meaning behind it is one I follow and often remind myself of:

An arrow can only fly by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties just focus and keep aiming – soon enough you will launching towards your target.

It’s safe to say my arrow has been drawn back quite a bit lately so hopefully sometime soon I can let it go, but to those having difficulties, keeping focussed and keep aiming – you’ll get there soon!




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